Toeflex is a hybrid Gel system for toenails. It's perfect for toenail reconstructions as it is lighter, stronger and easier to use than any traditional gel product used today. It's also vegan friendly and never tested on animals.

What is Toeflex?

Toeflex is a poly-acryl Gel which is the latest development in nail technology from Germany.


Toeflex Hybrid Gel is neither an acrylic nor a gel. It is a hybrid system that combines the best of both worlds in a revolutionary all-in-one, easy to use system that is a total game changer in your clinic or domiciliary practice.

We recommend that you attend our workshop to get the most from Toeflex and fully understand how to work it. Even if you are already trained in nail reconstructions, you will benefit from leaning updated working practices and protocols.

Why Toeflex?


So easy to work with, Toeflex gives a flawless finish every time


Strong and long lasting, even when applied thinly


Flexes like a natural nail and cuts easily


No strong odours or harmful chemicals


The filings particles are heavy, so no airborne dust


Your patients won't know they’re wearing it


Delivered in a tube, you only dispense what you need


Fast application, unlimited working time and won't run


Manufactured according to current EC Cosmetics Directives

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