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Introducing the ONYFIX Nail Correction System

Only Footcare Ltd aims to bring you innovative foot care products and are excited to offer this revolutionary and conservative method of treating ingrown and involuted toenails without surgery or pain.

The benefits of ONYFIX

Surgery-free; pain-free

Rapid treatment/healing process

Induces a natural growth process

Corrects the nail growth pattern without tension

Safe for all patients, including diabetics

Effectiveness backed by clinical studies

No patient activity restrictions

Topicals and nail polishes can still be used

How ONYFIX works:

  1. The Onyfix composite is applied to the nail to create a reshaping path.

  2. After the composite is cured in the LED light, ONYFIX fixes the nail in its proximal shape without any tension.

  3. The ONYFIX nail correction system ensures that the nail shape is retained as the nail grows naturally.

  4. Once complete, the compositie is removed and the nail continues to grow naturally.


THE Verruca Pen PE II


The Verruca Pen PE II   delivers a concentrated dose of plasma via a sterile micro-probe and triggers an inflammatory response, that effectively sublimates the epidermis tissue. It's a completely safe verruca session that cauterises and causes minimal damage to surrounding tissue. This service offers your clients comfortable and beautiful feet - and it's virtually painless!


“It's amazing - I can finally wear my flip flops to the beach!”

Katie, Lancing

A step ahead

Professional FOOT FILE

Made with high-quality stainless steel, the OFC Foot File is lightweight and strong.  No more sticky pads or messy paddles!


Cost-effective, light weight and flexible, the Uberflex Gel really feels like your own nail. Training available with kit purchase.

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